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So last week Mark (Glovebox) and myself took ourselves down to Hackney for the UK Americana Festival / Awards. The organisation, scale and venue of the conference part wasn't quite up to the heights of last year's Folk Expo, but there were lots of familiar faces and everybody was lovely.

The great Billy Bragg (that really is him in the photo montage above) kicked things off with a fascinating history of early American roots music, there were informative panel discussions with industry professionals, fellow promoters and the likes of Frank Turner, a slightly scary (from a performer's and sometimes audience POV) session where 7 songwriters had their material deconstructed by 4 renowned practitioners of the craft, including the wry Chris Difford from Squeeze and there was a memorable interview between 'Uncle' Bob Harris and US musician and producer Joe Henry to conclude the 2 days.

The show cases on the Weds night were fab. I already knew about The Americans but Elles Bailey and Tyler Childers (Mark particularly taken by him) were new to me and hopefully we'll be booking both sometime soon.

The Awards part at The Hackney Empire was splendid. I've never seen Robert Plant perform live before, Mumford & Sons were better than expected, there were great wins for people we know (Thomas Collison and Emily Barker) I discovered a couple of cracking acts Robert Vincent and Aaron Lee Tasjan and there was a touching tribute to Tom Petty. The only downside was a sulky Imelda May, who didn't look like she wanted to be there and I kept thinking I wish she hadn't been.

Ooh and I also got to revisit my old stamping ground from the mid-80s and happened upon a truly wonderful art-deco cafe on Bethnal Green Road called E. Pellicci.... I can heartily recommend the hearty breakfast.

I suppose all the above is a very rambling way to tie in today's TunA. Bennett Wilson Poole is the latest project from Robin Bennett form The Dreaming Spires, Danny George Wilson from Danny & The Champs and uber producer and guitarist Tony Poole. Robin and Danny were both very much in evidence down in London and Tony may well have been just down the road from where I live, in Carterton where HE lives. 

The album is out sometime in April and the track is the first one out of the traps.

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He promises tomorrow's post will be a LOT shorter....Ed

No I don't...Ade

They never read them....Ed

Oh bugger off...Ade




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