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Tandem Felix
Were You There (When They Crucified The Birthday Boy)
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Tandem Felix - Were You There (When They Crucified The Birthday Boy)

Detach and play!

Last Wednesday I drove the few miles to Burford (quintessential Cotswold town) to meet up with an actress who used to be in same agency as me back in the day. Jean (far right) has been in the 'biz' for years and was a regular on Doomwatch as well as appearing in Casualty, Doc Martin, Grange Hill, Raised by Wolves, The Bill etc... and she did a short film with me and Kathy Burke. 

ANYWAY....I didn't know what she was working on so imagine my delight when I turned up to this hotel where she was staying to be greeted by the cast of This Country; one of my favourite programmes of 2017. If you haven't seen it CHECK IT OUT.  Daisy and Charlie who write and star in it are lovely, as is their dad Paul who plays Daisy's dad in the series and who used to be in a band in the 70s. Series 2 on it's way Spring next year smiley

Today's TunA is from Dublin 5-piece Tandem Felix who Sparklehorse and Wilco as key influences. It's taken from their forthcoming debut album which will be out sometime in 2018.

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