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Palm Honey
Starving Hysterical Naked Part 1
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Palm Honey - Starving Hysterical Naked Part 1

Detach and play!

So last Friday Glovebox added yet another venue to our list of places we lose money wink


The Friend's Meeting House in Oxford is a Quaker building so we couldn't sell booze, but we did a nice line in soft drinks and our new membership card went down very well. AND we were treated to 2 fantastic sets by The Black Feathers and Wednesday's Wolves (to be featured on the site next month).

I'll let the pictures on the right (taken by the WW's girls) tell the tale, but if you dig acoustic music I would urge you to come to our next gig on Fri 17 November as it really is the most stunning of places (and we need to sell lots more tickets).

Reading band Palm Honey unleash this sprawling two-parter the title being an ode to Allen Ginsberg’s infamous poem, Howl. Today you get Part 1...MAYBE you'll get part 2 sometime.

Let us know if that would be a good idea by giving us your track reactions

Pip pip


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